Ginsburg Bakery


Ginsburg Bakery is famous for making great rye breads that are recognized as “Best of the Jersey Shore.”  As with all our breads, Ginsburg Bakery’s line of quality rye, pumpernickel and marble start with the finest ingredients for wonderful and consistent flavor and quality.  These breads are readily available in longs, rounds and split loaves, packaged to your specifications or in bulk.


The perfect rye bread – beautifully shaped loaves with nice, even coloring, a mouth-watering aroma and a robust and smooth flavor.  No wonder its South Jersey’s favorite!

Rye with Seeds

Just like our famous rye bread with the added flavor of caraway seeds.


This coarse, dark bread offers a deep brown color, sweet dark flavor, and full, earthy aroma.  Ginsburg’s pumpernickel offers a heartier flavor than our traditional rye bread.


The best of both worlds – a family favorite!  A combination of pumpernickel rye and traditional rye to create a full-flavored sandwich bread.  The crust is generally chewy and somewhat crispy, while the texture is fairly dense.


Don’t see what you need?  Tell us and we’ll make it for you!

Ginsburg’s Rye Breads are available in:

  • Bulk
  • Rounds
  • Split Loaves
  • Sliced for Retail and Food Service use