Ginsburg Bakery

Ginsburg Bakery Expands Commercial Baking Facility

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (May 25, 2006) – Ginsburg Bakery is expanding their wholesale operations by building a 5,200 square foot addition to their Tennessee Avenue location in Atlantic City. The increase in size and equipment is intended to support operations for a new bagel product line. Included in this upgrade is an eighty foot oven, a bagel cooker/boiler, and product handling conveyor belts. A commercial bakery specializing in fresh and frozen rolls, breads, and bagels, Ginsburg Bakery currently supplies their products to food service and retail markets in South Jersey.

“We are looking forward to expanding our operations with these new upgrades,” said Jack Mulloy, CEO of Ginsburg Bakery. “It really comes down to supply and demand. We will be able to handle larger orders, shorten our turnaround time and boost over-all customer satisfaction.”

Established in 1903 and now under the management of the Mulloy family for more than 25 years, Ginsburg Bakery is a specialty fresh and frozen commercial bakery creating both branded and co-packed products for food service and retail. The company utilizes the modern baking industry’s best equipment with a team of well-trained, dedicated, and long-term employees and is a model for cleanliness and food safety, keeping with the highest government standards. Ginsburg Bakery continually strives to maintain their American Institute of Baking Superior rating and their products are certified K PARVE. The Ginsburg Bakery staff also serves as personal baking consultants, helping to identify, develop and produce the breads, rolls and bagels that consumers crave with custom recipes and distinctive packaging solutions. For more information on Ginsburg Bakery, please call 609-345-2265, or visit us on the web at